A to Z Construction Services in Mauritius

We offer the full spectrum of services to help your construction work flow better.

Metal Roofing

We offer a full range of metal roof in Mauritius. You can rely on Greenhouse’s  knowledge and expertise when it comes to weatherproof metal roofing.

Electrical Systems

We can manage all your electrical needs from service, repair to new installation in your new house or building.

Tiling and Painting

For all your floor or mural work, you can rely on Greenhouse Construction for a quality surface finish.

Laminate Flooring

Find the perfect floor we our experts trained to deliver top-notch laminate flooring in Mauritius.

Plumbilg Services

We take the worry away by handling all your residential or commercial plumbing needs.

Restoration Services

Making the old look brand new can be challenging. But not for Greenhouse Construction in Mauritius.

Need a residential, commercial or industrial building in Mauritius?